My Nutshell

Hello.  Or should I say “Hola”?
I’m Elizabeth, and in pursuit of an unstable, adventurous and fruitful lifestyle, I find myself in Southern Spain.  I live in Algeciras, which Lonely Planet has so poetically titled a “seedy port city”.  I find it pretty rad.

2 thoughts on “My Nutshell

  1. Berni C says:

    I don’t doubt that one day, even in the way-off future, but one day you’ll write your own book on “What it means to be an American (as told by one who travelled the world trying to explain and figure it out all at the same time) while soaking up and appreciating as much of the foreign culture she could.” I have thoroughly enjoyed your writings Elizabeth. Thank you.

    • Thank you Berni! You know, I’ve recently added John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley” to my list of favorite books ever, because of this inability to define America. We understand our own country better in the search to understand others; likewise, I don’t feel like I’m coming any closer to an answer, but I am constantly feeling more and more comfortable with being an American.

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