Culinary Success of my life thus far! (take 2)


Okay, okay, I know I used this title on my eggplant boats a few months back, but really, this is “the one.”  Trying to figure out what to do with an enormous bag of spinach, I made due with my other available ingredients and created an excellent garbanzo bean salad.

For the dressing, I used my handblender (best investment ever) to mix:

  • a couple cups of raw spinach
  • a finely chopped big garlic clove
  • a quarter or a finely chopped red onion
  • a few tablespoons of olive oil (4?)
  • hearty amounts of salt and pepper
  • juice of a huge, super ripe lemon

Blending it all together, it made a dressing similar in texture to a pesto sauce.  I mixed it up with some rinsed garbanzos and another half of a red onion cut into slivers (I don’t care for big chunks personally, just for adornation).  I let it sit and get funky in the fridge for a day, and this afternoon served it over a bed of spinach to friend E with marinated salmon steaks for lunch; we had ripe pears for dessert.

Yes, it was as radical as you can imagine.  The lemon juice takes the spinach to another level, and the red onion and garlic turn it into one of those “so-good-for-lunch-but-can’t-talk-to-coworkers-after-break-without-brushing-teeth” meals.  Try it!


2 thoughts on “Culinary Success of my life thus far! (take 2)

  1. jillseistrup says:

    This sounds so good I definitely will try it next week 🙂 Your blog is impressive Fizz, but I guess after being a world traveller for so many years you got the hang of it.

    • haha actually not really; I only started it as a means to communicate with the fam back home. I wish I could actually commit to it more, but the inspiration comes and goes. meh. Maybe next year? Every day’s a new day to start again!

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